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Time is our
most precious value

Spending it in the excellence of our achievements at Domina Coral Bay in Sharm el-Sheikh means treating yourself to well-being, health and pure happiness.
Reward yourself with a dream to live.
Time flies and you deserve only the best.

Investing in Egypt

in Domina Coral Bay

Just a few hours’ flight away, the year-round wonder of summer awaits you.

Any location in Europe, Russia or the rest of the world has the great limitation of a very short summer seasonality. Therefore, real estate investments in holiday homes are in fact hardly exploitable and difficult to amortise over time.

Sharm el-Sheikh, with its exceptionally favourable climate all year round (look at the average annual temperatures), is a sure guarantee of being a location where real estate can be used all the time, 365 days a year. On every occasion of your freedom, your new home will be ready to welcome you and provide you with unforgettable holidays and moments.

Investing in Sharm el-Sheikh at Domina Coral Bay means improving your quality of life; with its perennial sunshine and unrivalled climate, in this spectacular place you will find the well-being, psychophysical regeneration and relaxation you have always dreamed of.

With Impreza Real Estate you will have the possibility to evaluate advantageous and revolutionary opportunities to buy, rent or invest among infinite real estate solutions of every kind and level: from the smartest and cheapest ones to the most exclusive ones of our Luxury collection.

You will always have one of our professionals at your side who will guide you step by step in choosing the best possible investment, according to your needs and to the measure of your possibilities.

You will not have to think about anything, we will take care of the bureaucracy! Enjoy your best time in your Impreza Real Estate property.

Investing in Egypt
Domina Coral Bay

An oasis of luxury and relaxation in Sharm El-Sheikh

Domina Coral Bay is an immense property located in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula, in Egypt.

The resort is situated in the most exclusive and prized area of the entire coastline and directly overlooks the sea; over two kilometres of exclusive beaches washed by pure and crystal-clear waters, enhanced by the incomparable natural wonder of a coral reef, unique in the world. Domina Coral Bay offers unparalleled breathtaking views of the sea and is also considered a spectacular botanical park, rich in vegetation of all kinds and characterised by superb, colourful blooms all year round. The resort has a marvellous SPA & wellness center, an array of restaurants to suit all palates, bars, entertainment venues and a wide variety of activities for all ages.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Privacy and Security

The entire property is fenced off and guarded 24 hours a day by an in-house security force dedicated exclusively to the facility; security, relaxation and tranquillity reign supreme everywhere.


Inside, just like in a small town, there are hotels and restaurants of various levels, bars, a SPA, a Casino, a diving center, shops, an emergency room, a gymnasium and much more, all of which coexist in a harmonious whole with private residences, which make use of the main services of the structure.

Geographical Location

A destination that can be easily reached with just a few hours flight time from different continents. Four kilometres from the resort is Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, which offers direct connections to major international destinations, and just a 40-minute flight away is Cairo International Airport.

Entrust us with the exclusive management of your rental.
Impreza Real Estate will renovate it for free.

Our Real Estate Proposals
in Domina Coral Bay

01 / Buying a property

Owning a home in which to enjoy summer all year round is one of the most fulfilling and wonderful gifts a person or family can give themselves in life. 

Buying a property through Impreza Real Estate in Domina Coral Bay means going above and beyond. With us, you will always feel protected, supported, followed and well advised in all your investment choices.

02 / Buying Luxury Real Estate

Creating excellence for living has always been our business. Our Luxury properties superbly enhance the space and level of living comfort, without compromise.

All projects in the Luxury collection are completely tailor-made and respond perfectly to every single need or wish of our buyers, without limits.

03 / Renting a property

Renting a house is certainly the best way to get to know the village. Impreza Real Estate has a wide choice of properties selected to suit every need. 

The tidiness and cleanliness of our homes are our premises for your next holiday. You will have at your disposal 7 days a week our dedicated assistance and services, created especially for your happiness during your stay.

04 / Renting a Luxury property

Some of the homes in our Luxury collection are available for rent.

These splendid realisations are offered only in combination with dedicated services of excellence specifically designed for those who wish to spend exclusive holidays under the sign of the best that Domina Coral Bay can offer.

05 / Redeemable rentals

Rent to buy offers numerous and important advantages.

  • It allows those who sell to have the certain guarantee of the agreed payment: until the agreed balance is paid, ownership of the property remains in their possession.
  • For the buyer, on the other hand, the main advantage is the deferment of payments in rental instalments spread over a period of time agreed between the parties.

Impreza Real Estate has devised specific contracts and guarantees to help you realise your dreams.

06 / Homes for elderly or disabled

Our happiness and that of the people we love most are among the indispensable things in our lives. 

We have designed special housing units for those who require special and specific care. The climate of Sharm el-Sheikh for most of the year is ideal for the elderly, the disabled, people requiring long post-operative stays, and for those who care for and support them on their journey. 

The Domina Coral Bay is equipping itself with special paths and dedicated equipment to make the stay in the village of these guests with special needs easier.

07 / Renovating a property

Most of the accommodation units in the village need to be thoroughly renovated; the design, living and construction concepts (dating back to the years when Domina Coral Bay was built) are today outdated, obsolete and inadequate. Habitability, comfort, style, health and safety have profoundly evolved over time.

For each category of property we have innovative design solutions for customised renovations of various types, costs and levels.

08 / Exchanging a property

Impreza Real Estate is right for you if:

  • You own one or more properties within Domina Coral Bay and wish to permutate them with something more suited to your needs.
  • You have a shop within Domina Coral Bay and wish to exchange it for a residence or vice versa.
  • You are interested in exchanging your property, which you own in Italy or elsewhere, for a property within Domina Coral Bay.
  • You are interested in exchanging your property within Domina Coral Bay for a property in Italy or elsewhere.

09 / New Buildings

The future will bring new and extraordinary constructions to Domina Coral Bay. 

Diversified real estate products that can be modulated and customized as desired, in every detail or style, with costs ranging from entry level to Luxury; the latter will allow those who are lucky enough to own them access to unprecedented living philosophies and superb opportunities to spend their time at the highest level in dwellings of unprecedented quality. 

We are projecting the first unit, something unique and absolutely excellent, dedicated to those who desire only the best.

10 / Invest with us

Could you be interested in participating in new real estate transactions by putting your property in Domina Coral Bay at your disposal after setting the valuation price with us and at no additional cost?

Whether villas or single rooms, we will take care of the renovation project and the sale of the new derived units. The property will remain yours until the agreed valuation amount is paid in full.

11 / Our exclusive services

We have designed exclusive services dedicated to those who will buy or rent property from Impreza Real Estate.

From cleaning to maintenance (ordinary, scheduled or extraordinary), our employees are trained to offer you services that live up to your expectations.

Our mission is to raise the quality of your holiday or resort life to the highest level. Sloppiness and inadequacy are not part of our professional background, because you deserve only the best.

Real Estate Proposal
Who we are

A concrete certainty
in Real Estate

Transparency and clarity are the basis of our work.

Impreza Real Estate was born from a very long experience in the real estate sector, luxury in particular. We have always worked in Europe designing and building real estate of absolute value; we have brought to Egypt our know-how with its proven operating protocols, our skills, quality and professionalism.

We want Impreza Real Estate to be recognised as an innovative, serious, solid and perfectly organised company operating in a stable and structured manner within Domina Coral Bay.

We will always be a concrete certainty to protect our clients’ investments. You will find our new representative offices in the main square of the village and our qualified staff is always at your complete disposal for any need, any day of the year.

Seriousness, quality and credibility are the founding values of our work. Relying on us and our experience, you will have the possibility of choosing the ideal solution from a wide range of properties, for all budgets.

No limits with respect to the quality of real estate and your desires: real estate is our passion and our ambition is to provide you with a solution that combines better quality of life and profitable investment.

The real estate future of Domina Coral Bay has already begun! Being part of it today by buying or renting a property with Impreza Real Estate is a great and profitable opportunity.

About us

We look forward to meeting you, if only to answer your questions and curiosity.

Welcome to Impreza Real Estate.

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Transparency and clearness are the basis of our work. Relying on us, you will have at your disposal exclusive benefits, new services and revolutionary real estate products tailored to your needs.

Impreza Real Estate is always looking for competent and motivated employees to join its staff.

    Impreza Real Estate is always looking for competent and motivated employees to join its staff.

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